2015 Crane Beach Xmas Hike

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(These photos were edited by Fotoxx, free, open-source software that's small, fast, powerful, and relatively easy to learn and to use. Fotoxx also provides image management and a fine slide-show app. Dick demonstrates Fotoxx regularly at also-free monthly FOSS User Group meetings in Natick, Mass.)

On Christmas morning, Jill and I joined Frank and Edie Sandy on their annual Sandy Walk (it's also a sandy walk!) at Crane Beach, the Trustees of Reservations preserve on the beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts. We started early, to beat the noon-time crowds. We hiked about five miles, up and down sand dunes, along the bay, then across to the ocean beach to our starting point. Most years, it's cold and the sand is frozen. Some years, we also walk on a thick layer of snow.

But this December has seen record-breaking high temperatures. On Christmas Day it was an amazing 65° on the beach. Down in the sand dunes, without a wind, it rose to over 70°! So we were walking on soft sand all the way, and with our path winding up and down the dunes, it seemed closer to ten miles - in lovely weather, and with lovely views at every turn in the trail.

Walkers were dressed in everything from ski parkas to shorts, from hiking boots to barefoot. One couple took a brief plunge into the water, and showed no pain. It was a day to remember!

The Pictures:

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