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The Halloween Documents: Microsoft Unmasked
by A. Richard Miller
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Hi, Friends of MMS:

Hello, again! Fifteen years ago, on Halloween of 1998, leaked documents from
Microsoft confirmed what we already knew: Microsoft was waging a secret and dishonest campaign to sabotage GNU/Linux and free, open-source software.

Eric Raymond made the leaked "
Halloween Documents" public, and one country after another used the information to free itself of Microsoft's fetters. This year, the list of government users of GNU/Linux is staggering. Even in the USA (Microsoft's home nation, where consumers are least-protected from Microsoft over-marketing and stores pretend Linux doesn't exist), we Linuxers see great progress.

Microsoft still is a giant corporation, but it failed to kill Linux and its mascot, Tux the penguin. Fifteen years later (and thanks to Android Linux on tablets and smart phones), the most common operating system in use is GNU/Linux. Nearly all servers run GNU/Linux. And this month, our own favorite Ubuntu Linux comes installed on 10% of all new desktop and laptop computers (although that's hardly noticeable in our USA).

On this fifteenth anniversary, we invite you to remember The Halloween Documents by reading them:
And speaking of Ubuntu Linux, its biggest current project is Ubuntu Touch, a new version of Ubuntu which adjusts itself and its one-size-fits-all application programs to optimize for the computer you're on - be it a smart phone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer, or a giant corporate network. We're very pleased to host a first Boston-region showing of Ubuntu Touch at the November 7th meeting of our FOSS User Group. We hope you can join us there!

Helping GNU/Linux to grow,

--Dick and Jill Miller, Partners, MMS <TheMillers@millermicro.com>

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