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Attended superior schools.*

Scientist AND engineer (electrooptical physicist) in NYC and Boston regions, designing medical instrumentation including laser eye surgery, radiation dosimeter for hospitals; oil-well spectroscopy; aerospace (automatic celestial navigation systems; miniaturized scanning interferometers including Surveyor III Lunar Lander), etc.

Second career in new microcomputer industry (1977-present, MMSFORTH and other software development, consulting).

Volunteer leadership in environment, open space, Lake Cochituate (history, present management, and future opportunities), environmental cancer studies, bicycle and pedestrian project design and implementation including Cochituate Rail Trail project and State-level policy issues.

Early years:

Born in New York City.
Raised in the experimental garden community of Sunnyside Gardens, Queens, NYC:

1960-1961 Hayden Planetarium in Manhattan, NYC (celestial navigation)
1959-1960 Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, NYC (graduate physics courses)
1956-1959 Queens College in Queens, NYC (Bachelor of Science in Physics, 1959)
1953-1954 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY (Physics)*
1948-1951 Brooklyn Technical High School* (College Preparatory) in Brooklyn, NYC
1947-1948 Junior High School 125 in Queens, NYC
1942-1947 Attended Hunter College Elementary School* in Manhattan, NYC
1941-1942 Entered first kindergarten class of the new Hunter College
Elementary School in Manhattan (only student from Borough of Queens).

* Honor programs (highly competitive, NY State Science Scholarship, etc.)

Student jobs: Math Tutor, Sailing Instructor in summer camps, one year off as Assistant Civil Engineer on large NYC public-housing construction project.

Work career:

1977- Miller Microcomputer Services, Natick, MA (Partner)
1968-1977 Lake Cochituate Watershed Association, Natick, MA. (Executive Director)
1966-1972 Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier (EG&G), Boston, MA and Bedford, MA (Senior Scientist; infrared, lasers, optics for Atomic Energy Commission projects; USAF survival training, high-altitude flights over Pacific Ocean)
1961-1966 Block Engineering, Cambridge, MA, Staff Scientist (infrared systems, small interferometers, fast-reading radiation dosimeters, rocket signature analysis, laser applications, etc.)
1960-1961 Kollsman Instrument Corporation, Queens, NYC (Advanced Research Dept.: infrared sensors; automatic celestial navigation systems, Canopus tracker)
1959-1960 Polarad Electronics, Queens, NYC (Advanced Research Dept.: underwater detection systems, infrared sensors)

Volunteer career:

Massachusetts Recreational Trail Advisory Board (MARTAB)
Free, Open-Source Software (FOSS) User Group in Natick , Massachusetts
2005-2011 Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board (MABPAB)
1997-2008 Natick Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Chairman) - continued to serve as Associate Member and on Natick Cochituate Rail Trail Advisory Committee through 2011
1997-1998 Natick Cancer Study Task Force (Chairman)
1993- Restoration Advisory Board for U.S. Army Natick Laboratories/Soldier Systems Center in Natick, MA (CERCLA clean-up, including underground toxic plumes threatening Natick's well-water)
1982- Cochituate State Park Advisory Committee (Member/Vice Chairman)
TRS-80 Users Group of Eastern Massachusetts (TRUGEM)
1970s 1970s Walden Pond Reservation County Commission (planned restoration of Walden Pond Reservation and transfered it to State management)
1970s 1970s Natick Conservation Commission (Commissioner, Chairman)
1970s 1970s Natick Environmental Concerns Committee (Chairman)
1970s 1970s Road Salt Education/Reduction Project (succeeded with Mass. DPW, then State-wide by requiring water bills to report high Sodium levels)
1968-1970 Metropolitan Area Planning Council 20-year Sewer Study, 1970-1990
1968-1970 Metropolitan Area Planning Council 20-year Water Supply Study, 1970-1990
1968-1977 Lake Cochituate Watershed Association, Natick, MA.


Boy Scouts
Intercollegiate Outing Club Association (IOCA)
Optical Society of America
Cottage Park Yacht Club
Cochituate Yacht Club
Sierra Club
Appalachian Mountain Club
Amazing Things Arts Center
Union of Concerned Scientists

Enthusiasms and Interests:

Jill Miller, friends new and old, hiking, bicyling, camping, piano and guitar, folk-singing and story-telling
, family history, lakes and streams, small boats (owned International 14, Thistle, Sunfish, canoes, Adirondack guide boat), schooners and deep-water sailing (sailed on Adventure, Roseway, crewed on barkentine Regina Maris for whale research), science, photography, lake restoration, friendly streets, porous pavement, trails construction. Linux and other free, open-source software (FOSS). Building of web pages for fun and profit and for Good Causes.