Cochituate State Park
Threats to Future
by A. Richard Miller
visits since 070522; last updated 070522.

This draft inventory outlines threats to the future goodness of Cochuate State Park. Current lacks of forethought in land use, pollution, and other exceptions to good planning continually threaten to degrade our lake in the future. Caring citizens must speak out for their lake. Then these threats can become opportunities.

[CSPAC] Inventory of Development and Other Problems for Cochituate State Park in eastern Massachusetts
Imminent losses:
Natick Boston Scientific Helipad Special Permit Rescind permit, reduce noise pollution.
Natick Boston Scientific pump and waterfall Still in use for air conditioning!?? If so, depletes the (trout-supporting) hypolimnion of Middle Pond.
Natick National Guard Depot on Speen Street Surplus this site to CSP, not (indirectly) to Natick or developer.
Natick Cloverleaf Apartment Towers Reduce height, preserve screening (40B vs. CSP).
Natick Chrysler Road Apartment Towers Reduce height, preserve screening (40B vs. CSP).
Natick Natick Mall Multi-Use Path Correct design problems on this important spur of the Cochituate Rail Trail.
Natick Pegan Cove Park Trails Assure adequate maintenance (trails, bridge, etc.).
Natick Pegan Cove Park, Pegan Brook Remove bright red-brown pollution, restore dam and settling ponds.
Natick MHD/Willow Bridge reconstruction Correct defects in new boat tunnel.
Framingham MassPike Exit 13 Surplus Property MTA was to surplus this site to CSP; do it.
Only Partially Addressed:
DCR and EOT in Framingham and Natick Cochituate Rail Trail Increase partnering, initial planning support by DCR and EOT.
Natick Beaver Dam Brook settling ponds and Fisk Pond Reenable Horseshoe filter dam and BDB intercept ditch and settling ponds to control NPS pollution.
Natick SolarBee evaluation for aquatic weed control Extend for second year; do NOT take from CSP Trust Fund!
Wayland Eco-Guide evaluation for aquatic weed control Integrate data and analysis with SolarBee/CSP study.
Wayland     Hammond Brook footbridge Add this to remove detour on Snake Brook Trail.
Natick and Wayland Snake Brook non-point-source control and nutrient removal Reduce pollution in swamp; dredge the mouth of Snake Brook.
Wayland Gate House for old Cochituate Aqueduct Preserve for historic purposes (and restore for current CSP use?).
Natick Cochituate State Park Museum Create educational focus for local and natural history.

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