Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:53:19 -0400
From: "Murtagh Hunt"
Subject: Find somewhere else to park your chopper... If you have trouble- I can think of one for you

As a resident of Natick, and an abutter to the proposed CRT expansion from
the old line- I'd like to chime in a bit here with some thoughts about the
way that BostonScientific is going about its "request" for additional fly
times and expansion of time of day with which they can fly. I already hear
the helicopter trips that fly over my house- it is no lawn mower, like they

I don't like bullies, no one does- but the way this has been slammed down
the towns throat begs of the 800lb gorilla that wants more bananas. I
applaud the Millers for their quick action in attempting to have a voice
here on this matter to at least attempt to gather more information and hold
Boston Scientific accountable in a forum with which to present an open
discussion on the matter.

Let me get this straight- executives want to park a helicopter, WITH fuel,
NEAR a lake... then they want to fly this helicopter back and forth to
Boston because they don't need to deal with traffic. So- an aircraft
landing over water, on state park during park hours over the summer...
Right... No wonder why they wanted to sweep this past the town quietly.

I haven't had the opportunity to look too deeply into this situation, has
Boston Scientific offered reasons why they feel they need to do this? Is
this the most cost effective way to transport their executives? Is Boston
traffic THAT bad LATER at night that they still find the need to transport
these most highly valued persons?

I object to the additional times of day to fly, and I object to the
expansion of the window with which to fly. I object to the parking of a
highly flammable fuel near a state park, and I object to the arrogance with
which this has been presented.

Think of the residents, existing and those that will be buying the condos at
the expansion of the mall...Don't you think that it will be more difficult
to sell these properties when they find out that BSC parks a helicopter
onsite so they can shuttle people back and for the 15 miles into the city?

Do you really think that the BSC will stop at the 4 times a day restriction?

In summary- this gorilla needs a diet- NO MORE BANANAS.