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Richard Clarke's history of Prime Computer, Inc. includes this anonymous anecdote about the second incarnation of the Carling Brewery building on Lake Cochituate, at Route 9 in Natick.

A former Primate writes:

Sometime during the late 1980's, those On High at Prime decided to honor a retiring employee who had served as janitor at the Prime Park facility. This person had also been employed by the Carling Brewing Company as a janitor in the same building, prior to its being acquired and renovated by Prime. If memory serves correctly, he'd spent perhaps 20 years at the brewery/Prime Park.

In honoring the person, Prime crafted a small plaque that was placed next to the outdoor fountain and waterfall located between Building 15C (tower) and Lake Cochituate. The fountain had recently been restored and painted, and the plaque declared the fountain was dedicated to this individual for his several years of service.

Located near the plaque was a 2x4 plank on which an empty fusebox and throw switch were mounted. None of the invited press (local newspaper) or attending local political dignitaries were informed that the fusebox was not connected.

In true Prime marketing fashion, a facilities employee was stationed behind one of the Building 15C pillars with 2-way radio in hand, waiting for Joe (he wanted to be called "Joe", not "Mister Henson") to read the proclamation. A second facilities person was stationed in the Building 15A basement with another 2-way radio.

Joe declares the fountain blessed and asks the retiring employee to throw the switch. Hidden facilities employee is heard saying "NOW" into his 2-way. Second facilities employee, 500 feet away, throws the real switch for the fountain power. Fountain, after a brief delay, comes to life. Dignitaries applaud and cameras flash. Everyone goes back to work. Facilities employee is seen yanking the fusebox and switch out of the dirt and tossing it into a truck. Local geese find a new spot to cool their collective heels.

All involved in this treacherous plot have been sworn to secrecy and are now employed elsewhere. The fountain, if it has survived, now belongs to Boston Scientific Company. The fusebox resides at the Natick landfill.

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