in Cochituate State Park
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The path around Lake Cochituate crosses its outfall, Cochituate Brook, over the lower Cochituate Dam. The dam site received extensive repairs in June 1999, but one project remains to be done: widening the narrow bridge here, and giving it a second guard rail.

A little downstream on Cochituate Brook (still south of Old Connecticut Path), the Framingham Conservation Commission has rebuilt an old bridge in a pleasant and functional design which also can solve the problems at the more popular Cochituate Dam. It's wide enough for two to pass in safety and comfort.

The Cochituate State Park Advisory Committee has requested that the current bridge be enlarged in that design. The park staff has agreed, says it can be done on the same underlying ironwork, and that it would be done in the autumn of 1999. Then they said in the spring of 2000. We're still waiting.

The view north, at Cochituate Dam.
(What we have.)

The view north, farther down Cochituate Brook.
(What we'd like.)