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This is the start of an online resource for the Kaplan and Brodinsky families that emigrated to the United States of America from Yelisavetgrad, Russia (now Kirovograd, Ukraina).

Kaplan reunion, Jul. 15, 2007 in Gloucester, Mass.
Kaplan reunion, Aug. 12, 2001 at Boston Harbor, NH

Kaplan reunion, Aug. 5, 1990 in Worcester, Mass.
Old Kaplan pictures
Elisavetgrad, 1910 (Photographs, History and Maps)

Some archived family photographs by/of:
Ben and Dee (Diana Kaplan) Miller
Louis Brody

Kaplan reunion, Sunday, July 15th, 2007:
Reunion at the home of Jerry and Sandy Kaplan in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  

Kaplan Reunion in Gloucester, July 2007

2007 Kaplan-Brodinsky Reunion

Left to right: A. Richard Miller, Justin Duck, Eurie (Justin's fiancee), Jerry Kaplan, Joyce Miller McKenney, Jill Andist Miller, Sam Kaplan, Sandy Kaplan, Avis Kaplan Pilson, Caroline French, Sam McKenney, Jon McKenney, Wendy Pilson, Nick Pilson.

Kaplan reunion, Sunday, August 12th, 2001:
Over forty relatives met at the home of Caroline French and Gordon Millar at the other Boston Harbor, by Great Bay in Dover, New Hampshire. Here are some photographs from that reunion.
(They should all display well at 800x600 resolution; opening the window to full-screen may help).  

The entire reunion group

Top row, from left: Sam McKenney, Ben McKenney, Abe McKenney, Joyce Miller McKenney, Barry Edelman, Christine Kelly Edelman (holding Van Andrew Edelman), Andrew Edelman, Paula Finnerty, Gordon Millar, Sam (Bae) Kaplan, Barry Kaplan, Harriet Kaplan, Caroline French (Millar), Avis Kaplan Pilson, Aubrey Finn, Linda Maier Rosenson, Nick Pilson, Dan Rosenson, Jerry Kaplan, Thurston "Kina" Twigg-Smith (holding Kaela Sara Twigg-Smith), Hillary Palm Twigg-Smith, Roger Palm.
Middle row, from left: (A.) Richard Miller, Jill Miller, Lew Kaplan, Gert Kaplan, Betty Kaplan Zeserson, Lee Kaplan, Dot Kaplan (holding Nathan Rain Kaplan), Velina Vassar, Wendy French Palm, Emma Perry.
Seated on grass, from left: Peter Kaplan, Sandy Kaplan, Nancy (Natasha) Kaplan, Judy (Judie) Kaplan, Wendy Pilson, Bobby Miller, Sandy Miller.

Close-up, left

Close-up, center

Close-up, right

Kaplan cousins

Top, from left: Jerry Kaplan, Bob Miller, A. Richard Miller, Peter Kaplan, (Aubrey Finn).
Center, from left: Joyce Miller McKenney, Avis Kaplan Pilson, Judy Kaplan, Wendy French Palm, Linda Maier Rosenson, Caroline French (Millar).
Seated on ground: Nancy Kaplan.  

Gert Kaplan Maier, Lew Kaplan, Sam (Bae) Kaplan

Kaplan reunion, Sunday, August 5th, 1990:
Reunion at the home of Avis (Kaplan) and Nick Pilson in Worcester, Massachusetts.

1990 Kaplan-Brodinsky Reunion

Top row, from left: Wendy Pilson, Nick Pilson, Joyce Miller McKenney, Roger Palm, Gordon Millar, Wendy French Palm, Caroline French Millar, Lewis Kaplan, Judy Kaplan (Edelman), Barry Edelman, Sam Kaplan, Laura Kaplan, Andrew Edelman, Seth Redniss, Barry Pilson, Robin Golub Redniss, Charlie Golub, Esther Plevinsky Golub, Jill Andrist Miller, A. Richard Miller, Jerry Kaplan.
Middle row, from left: Avis Kaplan Pilson, Betty Kaplan Zeserson, Dorothy Kaplan Kaplan, Harriet Rosenfield Kaplan, Lee Kaplan, Diana Kaplan Miller, Bobby Miller, Sandy Zeh Miller.
On grass, from left: Ben McKenney, Abe McKenney, Justin Duck (grandson of Jerry Kaplan), Sam McKenney.

Dec. 12, 2001: Caroline French shared the following  

handed-down family paintings and photographs.

Ethel Budnichankov Brodinsky (1854-1920),
mother of Solomon, Louis, Ida and Rebecca;
painting from Russia?, ca. 1900?

Rebecca and Lewis Brodinsky (Russia, ca. 1884?).

Rebecca Brodinsky Kaplan (1884-1967), daughter of Ethel;
mother of Bill, Diana, Sarah, Gert, Lew and Sam;
painting from Russia?, ca. ?.

Rebecca (Brodinsky) and Abraham Kaplan (married 1901 in Yelisavetgrad, Russia).

Abraham Kaplan children (Worcester, Massachusetts, ca. 1910?): Diana, Sarah, William

Abraham Kaplan family (4 Columbia St., Worcester, Massachusetts, ca. 1913?)
Top: Rebecca (Brodinsky), Abraham, Ethel (Brodinsky).
Bottom: Bill, Gertrude, Sarah, Diana.

March 30th, 2002: Esther Golub shared this old Brodinsky family photograph:

(Russia, circa 1904)
Chaika Brodinsky (later Ida, to marry Aaron Golub), her first child
William Austin Budin-Schenko Brodie, and her mother Ethel Budnichankov Brodinsky.

September, 1990 (online April 7, 2002): David Slater shared this Slotopolsky family photograph:

(Russia, perhaps 1900)
Wulf Slotopolsky, the father of Freya Slotopolsky Kaplan
who was the mother of my grandfather, Abraham Kaplan.

A. Richard Miller wrote to relatives on Sept. 28, 1990: Meet your ancestor!
We are grateful to David Slater of NYC for providing this rare "Berlin-style Photograph" of Wulf Slotopolsky (FHS RID=577), made by I.Brill of Yelisavetgrad (Kiev oblast, Ukraine, Russia). For now, we are guessing that Wulf was born about 1840, and that this portrait was from about 1900.
Wulf Slotopolsky owned a horse farm, probably in Novo-Ukrainka 36 miles west-southwest of Kirovograd. His daughter Freya/Freda married Simon/Shmuel Kaplan; the Kaplan and Brodinsky/Brodie/Brody families lived in the same area. The name is pronounced Schlotopolsky here, Zhlatopolsky there, and probably comes from Zlatopol, a small town immediately to the north of Novo-Mirgorod (35 miles west-northwest of Kirovograd). David and other descendants still pronounce their shortened version, "Shlater".

Elisavetgrad, 1910 (Photographs, History and Map)

For the many of us that are descended from Brodinskys, Kaplans, Kriesfelds, Slotopolskys and Utchitels from Yelisavetgrad (did I miss any family names?), here is a treat from Ukraina -- a gift from Kirovograd City Hall and the Internet!

Our thanks go to Kirovograd for these Web pages about old Elisavetgrad/Yelisavetgrad/Kirovograd.

Photo Gallery of Elisavetgrad, circa 1910.
From that gallery, I particularly like the following photographs. Although I can't tell you more about them, they are the views our ancestors saw, the streets where they walked and worked, in photographs from their era.
Dvorzovaya (later, Lenin) Street (Photo#1, Photo#2, Photo#3).
Main Synagogue.
Checherskaya Gully.

The History of Elisavetgrad:
Elisavetgrad wasn't founded until 1754 (over a century later than my small town of Natick, Massachusetts), and it was a military fortress on Russia's expanding frontier until 1784.  Elisavetgrad grew quickly; its number of factories doubled in the 1890s and business boomed.  Its population grew to 63,000 in 1897, and 273,000 in 2000.

1913 Map of Elisavetgrad, and enlarged. (You can further enlarge details and footnotes.)

Modern regional map of Kirovograd (Elisavetgrad). Some of our relatives were from Rovner (Rovnoye) and Novo-Ukrainka, to the WSW of Elisavetgrad.

On September 30th, 1941, the German Army rounded up and shot nearly all the Jews of Kirovograd. (Search for "Kirovograd" at Vad Hashem, and read about Maria Heinson.)

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